The Complete Collage

The Complete Collage Session Fee

The Complete Collage is born out of my love of different types of photography: portraiture (including pets), macro, and landscape. I began to create collages on my own walls and discovered how enjoyable it is crafting artwork to cover an entire wall. I choose a 6 square frame grid. My daughter chooses a bunch of different frame sizes mixed with her initial and a clock. My friend went with multi-picture frames mixed with hand-lettered sayings. Collages can be created in so many different configurations to fill a wall with beloved photos and family artifacts.

A Summer Family Collage

The Complete Collage photography package begins by creating fantastic portraits of your family as a group, as small groups, or as individuals. The portraits can be looking at the camera, looking inspirational, or crossing eyes and sticking out tongues…whatever is best represented by your family.

A Fall Family Collage

Then we’ll add pictures that show you interacting: holding hands, swinging legs, throwing snowballs, smelling flowers, a kiss on the cheek, laughter….whatever represents your family. And we’ll take pictures of the environment you’re in including the flowers, the trees, the mountains, so that you have a wide variety of options to create your collage.

A Winter Collage

After the pictures are retouched, and you have had time to review the pictures, we will set up a time to choose the prints that will go into your collage. We can create any size of collage that works for your wall and mix in any items that you would like. You supply the frames based on the print sizes we’ve selected. Your high quality prints will be ready about two weeks after your selections have been made.

A Mother’s Day Collage

The Complete Collage makes a fantastic gift for grandparents. Instead of individuals, we take pictures of individual families. In addition to family portraits, we work on the in-between moments, because the goal of the collage is family interaction. And we specifically create great couple photography for the grandparents as well as some individual portraits of both. We do a longer consultation to determine what is special to your family and how we can shoot that and then how it is hung on the wall in the grandparent’s home.

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