Session Details

Many of the details below are negotiable. I’m willing to work with you, so that you have what you need in photography. Please contact me if you’d like something different than is stated here, so that we can customize a contract for you.

The term “shooting time” is used throughout these details. It refers to the time that we are together working toward excellent photography. But the price that you pay for “shooting time” also includes 3-6 hours that we are not together. During this time, I am reviewing, editing/correcting, and otherwise preparing your photography for you.

Family Portrait Sessions

One Family – $270
For parents and children (including married children if need be) of one family. Session includes up to two hours of shooting time and portraits of

  • The family in multiple poses and settings within one location
  • Each individual
  • Husband and Wife together

You’ll receive at least 20 digital images of your session!
Standard contract details apply. See below.


Extended Family Gatherings – Cost determined by the number of participants.
For grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren of an extended family.

  • Up to three hours shooting time in an outdoor setting.
  • Each family group (parents and children) posed differently.
  • One large family photo of all present family members.
  • At least 2 digital images of each group.
  • Standard contract details apply. See below.



Couple Portrait Sessions

Engagements to Lasting Love – $180
For the newly engaged and those married many years.

  • Up to 90 minutes shooting time.
  • Wardrobe changes encouraged.
  • At least 10 digital images.
  • Standard contract details apply. See below.

Mom & Me – $120
For parents and children.

  • Up to one hour shooting time.
  • One child (multiple children can be photographed in the same session) posed with one parent (yes, it can be Dad!).
  • At least 10 digital images.
  • Standard contract details apply. See below.


Prom & Dance Photos – $50 for each couple with 2-5 couples
For the night of the dance! (See “Glamour” below for photos of just her in her beautiful gown.)

  • Up to 90 minutes “shooting time” in an outdoor setting.
  • Session includes shots of each couple and the entire group.
  • Different settings within one location for each couple.
  • Each couple receives two digital images of the couple shots and a group shot.
  • Standard contract details apply. See below.


High Schoolers & Young Missionaries

Standard – $120

  • Up to one hour session in an outdoor setting.
  • Wardrobe changes allowed within the hour.
  • At least 10 digital images delivered via DropBox.
  • Standard contract details apply. See below.


Four Season Friends – $150 per person
For a group of 3 – 6 friends who’d like to have their pictures taken individually and together four times throughout the year.

  • Friends (3 – 6) must schedule together throughout the year.
  • Weather permitting, shoots can be scheduled as follows:
    • Summer shoots in August and September.
    • Fall Shoots are scheduled in October and November.
    • Winter Shoots are scheduled in December, January, and February.
    • Spring Shoots are scheduled in March and April.
    • I will contact you early to schedule the shoot during the months above, but if the weather changes during to the next season (especially a problem in late November) before you schedule, you may miss out on that season or have a indoor session.
    • Four shoots are a part of this package, but they do not have to be on the schedule above.
  • At each shoot, each individual will have a 15 minute photoshoot.
  • At each shoot, we will set up a fun group photograph!
  • We won’t have time for wardrobe changes during these shoots, but props and/or uniforms are encouraged!
  • Each person will receive at least 3 digital images from each shoot. These are delivered to a DropBox about a week after each session.
  • Standard contract details apply. See below.


Glamour / Bridal
Starting at $120 an hour for shooting time

  • The length of the session is variable by needs. Brides should plan at least 2 hours and 3 hours if the groom is to be involved. Glamour usually takes an hour depending on wardrobe changes.
  • Session locations are variable.
  • At least 10 digital images per shooting hour.
  • Standard contract details apply. See below.


If you would like to have a make-up artist and/or hair stylist for your shoot, please schedule at least a month in advance. These services are an additional fee.

Standard Contract Details

I love what I do. I find that in the process of photography together, we become friends and I want that relationship can continue, because I love photographing with and for friends. But friends need to be careful when they enter a business relationship, so that the friendship can be preserved. I do this by working as efficiently as I can, including providing your digitals quickly and trying new things with my photography when they fit your hopes for our session. I hope you’ll understand how the following requirements assist in that process.

Session Time is confirmed by payment. After we talk about your photography and what you’d like, I will send you a confirmation email with the details with discussed spelled out. That email will contain a link so that you can pay for your session via PayPal. Your session is not placed on my schedule until I receive the payment. If other arrangements need to be made, let’s talk about that over the phone.

Refunds. I would like to work with you so that you have a great experience AND great photography. If you are unsatisfied, I ask that you are specific about the problems you are experiencing so that I can improve my service.

  • You will receive all of your money back if I have to miss a photoshoot for any reason. Weather (rain or wind) is a reason to miss a shoot.
  • If my quality standards are not met (focus, lighting, posing), we may re-schedule a shoot for you at no cost or your money will be returned.
  • If you miss a session and do not contact me at least one hour before the session, your money can be returned less a $25 fee. This is because I likely went to the location and waited for you there and my time has value.
  • If you miss a session and would like to re-schedule it, a $25 fee will be assessed to re-schedule and hold your new time.
  • If you run into problems and need to cancel, you will need to call me (not text) to let me know at least one hour before the session begins. Please be aware that if we are shooting in a location that may not have cell service, this will be noted in your contract and the time that you have to contact me to cancel may be increased.

Late Policy. Your session time is specific; please be prompt. This is crucial because good photography happens in good light and you won’t have as many good photos to choose from if the light is fading during your session.

  • If you are more than 15 minutes late, you may be asked to reschedule (if I have another session after yours or if you are up against sunset) or you will have your session time reduced by the total amount of time that you are late.
  • I will only wait at a location for 20 minutes without contact from you. This includes areas where there is no cell service. You’ll need to contact me an hour before the session if you need to change the session.

Session Happiness. Photographing children can be a bit tricky due to so many factors that you and I can’t predict. I will do my very best to get the look you want from your children, but I am not responsible for children who are uncooperative, especially in group pictures. In individual photography, if what we’re doing is not working, I reserve the right to change what we’re doing to produce better expressions. That might mean changing a formal session to something considerably more casual.

Because I photograph families, I understand that many times other children will be present even though I’m just working with one. You are responsible to ensure that your children do not play with my equipment. Any damaged equipment or props will be your responsibility to replace before you can receive your photos.

Minimum Number of Digitals. I attempt to take a wide variety of images with different composition, posing, expressions in multiple settings, so that the photos you receive give you many choices. I will provide the minimum number of digital jpgs specified in the package you have selected, or we will schedule a re-shoot at no cost to you. Your photos are selected based on my quality criteria: focus, lighting, and composition. Photos that do not meet those standards will not be a part of your package. However, any photo that does meet those standards will be provided to you. Often this exceeds the minimum number of photos of the specified package.

Editing. Extensive editing (face swaps, clothing changes, removal/addition of people, etc.) are not a service I can offer at this time. The editing consists of minor color corrections, cropping, removing unwanted details, etc. The photos you receive will have been edited for my photography style and cropped to best showcase YOU, but that doesn’t always mean that I have the crop right for the print you want. If you decide you need a different crop for a photo, please let me know and I will try to work with you to get you what you need.

Digitals are delivered via DropBox. During the week after your photography session, I will be working on preparing your photos for you. When they are complete, I will email you a link to a DropBox unless another means of receiving the photos has been requested. I can also email them to you in small batches.

All photos, with the exception of those marked “social media”, in the DropBox are yours to do with as you please and a print release can be provided if that is needed. Once I have sent the link for the DropBox to the email address that we’ve been communicating through, our session is considered complete and no refunds can be given for the work.

Social Media Editions.  A few of the very best (in my opinion) of the photographs will be duplicated, have my logo placed on them, and saved in your DropBox with the words “social media” in the name of the file. I may be using these photographs in my portfolio on my website and/or posting them to social media and/or discussing them on my blog. They are there so you’ll know which I am pulling out of your photography session for my use AND so that you can post them to social media as well. Please tag my business Facebook page when you do post the photos. The photos that have the Gray Havens Photography logo on them should not be altered in any way as they will have been prepared to showcase my specific style.

Referrals. If any of the photos that you post on social media result in a booking with me or if you refer someone to me, you will receive 25% off your next photography session with me. Please be sure that the person who contacts me lets me know that you referred them.

Prints. Prints are not a part of any of the packages. You receive digitals that you can print at anytime in any size with any vendor of your choice. If you’d like high quality prints, I can work with you to purchase them through Miller’s Professional Imaging. All such prints are an additional cost beyond the packages.

Sessions I will not provide. I will not do sessions that involve anyone in underwear or other similar scanty clothing, including swimming suits. I do not do boudoir sessions. I will not do sessions that involve a same-sex relationship.



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