January Model Call

I’m looking for female models to practice some specific photography skills on and to build my portfolio with.  During the month of January, I’d like to shoot more than 20 different female models, ages 16 and up and all sizes.  I know many  women out there are hesitant to have their picture taken, especially without their children around them. But you are BEAUTIFUL and deserve to have a picture of just you at this time of your life. For many children and grandchildren, this is the picture of the mother or grandmother they’ll remember. For husbands, this is the picture they’ll have on their desk at work. Come. Spend a half an hour and have a beautiful portrait taken of yourself and help me continue to hone my photography skills. Here’s what one friend said when she saw her images:

“I can be friends with my wrinkles now, because I see how beautiful they are for me.”



  • Each model will have a half hour session of photography.
  • ONE IMAGE. From that session, I will edit the very best image and you’ll receive that image by email. You can print that image at any size for your use. You’ll receive that same image with the Gray Havens Photography logo on it. Please use this image for sharing on social media.
  • TWO IMAGES. If you like (or have liked)  Gray Havens Photography on Facebook, you’ll receive TWO digital images, which I choose and edit.
  • THREE IMAGES. If you TAG someone on the Model Call! post on my Gray Havens Photography page or share this post with others, you’ll receive THREE digital images from  your shoot, which I will select, edit, and email to you.
  • For additional images, please see below.
  • I’d also like to offer you a 30% discount for your next photography session with me! The one requirement is that we schedule the photo session while you’re here for the model call session. So, look over your calendar before you come and we can schedule a Spring or Summer session after we are finished taking pictures of you!  (A one hour session starts at $180 (only $120 with the 30% discount!) is useful for small families, senior pictures, or a couples session.  Additional types of sessions can be added for an additional cost.)
  • As a final incentive, I will give you first “dibs” on my calendar for February. I’ll be doing couple photography practice (same deal as this, but you need to bring your significant other) throughout the month of February, but I won’t begin scheduling that until the last week of January for everyone else out there.




On the day of your session, I need you to really go to town with your best make-up, your most magnificent hair style, and the clothing that makes you feel super snazzy! I want you to really pamper yourself for your shoot.  Re-paint your nails or have a manicure! Do a mud mask on your face the morning of your shoot. Just before you come, make sure you brush and floss your teeth. Break out that dress that only had one occasion, but made you feel wonderful. Take the time to really bring out the best YOU and then come and let’s take some amazing pictures!

Check out Preparing for Photography for some more suggestions on how to get ready for your session.

Please be on time for your shoot.  I’m doing back-to-back sessions, so if you’re late, we will have reduced time to take pictures of you or you may you lose the slot entirely.

Be able to climb stairs.  My studio is on the second floor of my home, which is a flight of stairs from the street, so you’ll need to be able to climb two flights of stairs to get to it.

Leave children with someone else. Because this is just a half an hour, we really need to focus on you while you’re with me. I LOVE doing children’s portraits, but that isn’t the goal with this model call. Please make arrangements to have someone else watch over your children before you come. Perhaps someone will swap with you and you can watch her children while she comes!

When you arrive, I’ll have you sign a “Model Release” which essentially means that you give me permission to use your images in my marketing. Please understand that according to law, pictures I take belong to me and I can use them how I see fit. The Model Release signifies that you understand that.



Please contact me directly (801-922-0436 or grayhavensphotography@gmail.com) to set up a time for your shoot. Model call sessions last for 30 minutes and are scheduled at

  • January 29 at 2pm & 2:30pm, & 3pm 
  • January 30 at 11am, 11:30am, & Noon
  • February 5 at 2pm, 2:30pm, & 3pm
  • February 6 at 2pm, 2:30pm & 3pm
  • February 12 at 2pm, 2:30pm, & 3pm
  • February 13 at 2pm, 2:30pm, & 3pm

“Wow! You made me look really good!”


8573 CherFirst, I’ve had too many women tell me they don’t feel like they look good enough to have their picture taken. This makes me a little sad, because it means that you DON’T have pictures of taken of yourself and especially for young Mothers, it means that you don’t have pictures of you while your kids are growing up…which in turn means that THEY won’t have pictures of you when they are older.  The same goes for Grandmas; we need pictures of the amazing women in our lives with all the beauty they possess, so that when they are no longer with us, we have that image of them as we remember them. PLEASE feel free to schedule a time for you and your Grandma to have pictures taken!9576

Second, I want to practice a new set of skills. The skills I know I need to work on now are

  • The wind blown hair images
  • Sitting with different arm positions
  • Accentuating positive features (while minimizing perceived negatives)
  • And many more.

I need many different models of all ages and sizes to help me practice these skills. Plus I need the opportunity to “drill” myself in some of the basic postures.

posing3Third, society tells us that because we aren’t thin enough, wrinkle and grey hair free, don’t have the perfect clothing, etc. that we aren’t worthy of having our picture taken. Or…is any of that perhaps something you tell yourself?  “When I lose 10lbs, I will…”  Take this opportunity to fall in love with you! Great pictures can really do that for you. Those who I’ve taken pictures of have said things like

“I don’t usually like pictures of myself, but these…I’m really happy with how I look in these!”


Come! Give me the chance to do this FOR YOU!




If you would like to see and/or receive additional images from your session, we will need to schedule a time for you to view them and select those you’d like to purchase. The first three digital images (as stated above) are a gift to you to thank you for letting me practice on you.  Additional images take additional processing time and as such, have additional cost in time and effort to me, so additional images are only available for purchase.

To view your images, we will schedule a Image Review session at your convenience. I will prepare all the images that are worth your time to look at, so that you can see many from the session.  Image prices are as follows:

10 digital images

8×10 (matted for 11×14)

11×14  (matted for 16×20)

16×20 (matted for 18×24)

Images are printed using Miller’s Professional Imaging and are presented to you matted in white or black, whichever sets off the image best. Printed images come with the same image in a digital format. Printed images will be delivered or mailed within a month of your Image Review appointment.


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