March Model Call – Families!

In March, I am looking for FOUR families to practice some specific photography on and build my portfolio with. I’m looking for families with at least one child under three to practice working with young children and/or families with 4 or more children to practice posing medium size groups. Here’s what another family said in working with me:

You are so professional and had such a great excitement  and enthusiasm  about taking the pictures. I will never forget you running to my kids at the end of the session because they were playing cute under a tree. I absolutely  loved that!



Your session will be up to an hour and a half in a beautiful outdoor location that we’ll choose together.  Your session will be a full family session and include multiple poses of the whole family as well as any relevant groups such as all girls, all boys, kids without parents, etc.

As a Thank You gift for agreeing to be my models, you’ll receive

  • FIVE IMAGES. From your shoot, you’ll receive five high resolution digital images, suitable for large prints. These will be delivered to you via dropbox within two weeks of your session.
  • TEN IMAGES. If you tag a friend on any of the Model Call posts, you’ll receive 10 images from your shoot.
  • FIFTEEN IMAGES. If you refer a friend and he or she schedules (and pays a deposit toward) a photoshoot in the Spring or Summer of 2018, your friend will receive 30% off a session and YOU will receive 15 images from your session. These images will be delivered via DropBox within three weeks of your session.




Your family photo shoot will be on a Saturday in March starting at 3pm in the afternoon.  Please call or text Jennifer Seely at 801-922-0436 or email me at or message me on Facebook. I will be scheduling on March 10, 17, 24, and 31.


She did such a great job of making us feel comfortable throughout the shoot and we had a great time!


Model for me! Those who have modeled for me in January or February will have first “dibs” on the Family Model Call family sessions.  At your photography session in January or February, you’ll have the opportunity to put your name on a list to receive this Family Session. Those who are not able to model for me can be added to the list as well.

Clothing. To receive this photo shoot, families must to be able to come in specific clothing so that I can practice color balancing as well. I’d like to work with families dressed in

  • white, tan, and ivory OR
  • blues and greens with a pop color (like chartreuse, fuchsia, or yellow) OR
  • grays, black, and whites with a pop color (like red, powder blue, or chartreuse)

You will need to find or purchase this clothing for your family and clear the clothing choices with me prior to the day of the shoot.

Be on time. We will be doing your photography session at the end of the day and so we will be working with the sun that will be going down the later it gets. Please be on time for your photoshoot. I will only wait at a location for 20 minutes and if you are late beyond that the photoshoot will be considered cancelled.

Model Release. When we meet, I’ll ask you to sign a model release/contract which details the information posted here and in the Standard Contract Details. This will be emailed to you prior to your session, so that you have time to review it.

Like on Facebook! You’ll also need to have liked Gray Havens Photography on Facebook to be eligible for these family sessions.

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If you would like to see and/or receive additional images from your session, we will need to schedule a time for you to view them and select those you’d like to purchase. The 5-15 digital images (as stated above) are a gift to you to thank you for letting me practice on you.  Additional images take additional processing time and as such, have additional cost in time and effort to me, so additional images are only available for purchase.

To view your images, we will schedule a Image Review session at your convenience. I will prepare all the images that are worth your time to look at, so that you can see many from the session.  Additional images are available for purchase only.

10 digital images

8×10 (matted for 11×14)

11×14  (matted for 16×20)

16×20 (matted for 18×24)

Images are printed using Miller’s Professional Imaging and are presented to you matted in white or black, whichever sets off the image best. Printed images come with the same image in a digital format. Printed images will be delivered or mailed within a month of your Image Review appointment.


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