High School Senior Session

Transitions….one part of your life is about to end and another part is about to begin. The senior photo session has become a chance to document the you that is nearly done with one chapter of life and ready to start another chapter.  See the Senior Girls Gallery or the Senior Guys Gallery.

Senior Session Pricing

Senior Session……$240 plus tax
15-20 finished images

Two sessions at different times of the year OR
Two friends in the same session……$360 plus tax
15-20 finished images per session or per person
(described below)

Four Season Friends Sessions……$360 per person plus tax
15-20 finished images per session per person
(described below!)

Basic hair and Make-up with a session……$75 plus tax


We offer three different types of sessions to meet your needs, and frankly…to have a little fun with senior sessions! Related Blog: Why do you want a branding Photographer to do your Senior’s photography?

Senior Sessions

Our Senior Session is one hour long and can be in-studio or outdoors at a location of your choice. You can change your outfit as many times as you would like within the hour. We’ll craft images that show off your personality, your style, your attitude with different props, settings, lighting, and backgrounds. You’ll receive 15-20 finished digital images, selected by the photographer, from your session!

Two Sessions or Two Friends0559

If you would like more variety in your session, choose “two sessions at different times of the year”. We’ll schedule one session in the Fall and one in the Spring…or one in the Winter and one near Summer. This allows you a fun selection of different clothing as well as different backdrops….Fall leaves vs. Winter snows vs. green Spring.

OR we can do one session as a Senior Session and one session later as an LDS Missionary session.

OR it can be a personal session for you AND a session for Homecoming or Prom!

AND if you’d like to split a session with a friend, the two of you pay just $180 for your session. You’ll each receive 15-20 finished digital images from your sessions, selected by the photographer. And we’ll do shots of the pair of you as well.

Are there three of you? Cool.  We’ll split the session three ways, so you each pay $150 plus tax.  You’ll each receive 10-15 images from the session, and we’ll do shots of the three of you as well!

How about four? Awesome! We’ll split the session four ways, so you each pay $120 plus tax. You’ll each receive 7-10 images from the session, and we’ll do group shots!

Four Season Friends

Finally, if you would like to do your sessions with a bunch of friends and have a wide variety of shots, we offer our “Four Season Friends Sessions”. In this session, your group will get together four times (all of you must be scheduled in the same session) over your senior year, and we’ll do a 15 minute session for each of you individually and then a few group shots. All sessions can be done outside or one of the sessions can be in-studio. Each session will 15-20 images for each person including individual and group shots. All images are selected by the photographer.

BONUS! One session could also be for Homecoming or Prom, so that you and your friends can have gorgeous pictures done in your dresses with your dates. 

Receiving Your Images

Your images will be ready for you within 2-3 weeks of your session. They’ll be delivered to you via Dropbox.  If you need them for Senior cards, please schedule your session accordingly.

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