Grand Generations Project

When was the last time you saw an amazing photograph
of your mother or grandmother? Or had one done of you?

Our Grand Generations Project strives to create amazing portraits of the admirable women in your life…and of you. We see such beauty, grace, and wisdom in the astonishing women of each generation, and yet, nowadays, too many have no lasting photography (cell phone pictures don’t count) that are designed to enhance their best features, capture emotion, and tell a story with a smile.


Come. Let us create unforgettable photography of you! More than that, take this time for your children and grandchildren. We want to capture images of you so that your family has pictures of the you they remember now, at this time in their lives.

Take this time for you, to see yourself in a new way, and to feel pampered.  Your session can be outside or in our studio. We offer sessions with a makeover or without. We encourage you to bring your daughters and/or granddaughters and offer a discount when two or more of you are scheduled together.

It will be amazing!


Grand Generations Session Fee

Your session includes

  • 1 hour of shooting time
  • Props. Consider ideas that represents what you love to do, such as handwork, writing, artwork, etc.
  • Wardrobe changes. We encourage you to bring 3 changes of clothing (casual, dressy, formal, active, etc.), so that we can take photographs of all the different looks of you.
  • Location changes within the same site, if we are shooting outside, or Backdrop changes, if we are shooting in-studio, to set off your wardrobe changes.

Would you like a makeover as part of your session?

We also offer the services of our hair and make-up artists to give you small enhancements or a complete makeover according to your wishes. These services add an additional non-refundable $60 to your session fee and an additional hour of time.

How will you choose and receive your photography?

When your photography session is concluded, we will schedule a “Reveal” for you to come and see your photography! This will be 2 – 4 weeks after your session. Your Session Fee becomes a credit* back to you as you choose the images that you would like to purchase from your session. Images have the following costs:

8×10 = $30
11×17 = $35
16×20 = $45
Digital images = 10 for $250

All finished images will be printed as an 8×10 and matted so that after purchase, you can display them or give them as gifts.  A few images may also be printed in other sizes for you to buy. You choose all that you’d like to buy, we apply your Session Fee to your purchase, and you receive a matted print and a digital copy (on a USB drive) of each image at the end of your Reveal Session.

*The session fee is a credit toward the purchase of images only. The Session Fee (nor any portion) is not refunded when images are not purchased. If you are unsatisfied with the images, an additional photography session can be scheduled.

Call 801-922-0436 to schedule your session!

posterborder5We would love to see mothers and daughters OR friends come as a group! Each person will be photographed individually and as a group. When you schedule with two or more people, you each receive $30 off your session fee!

Custom sessions available upon request: we can do just about anything with a session, so please come to us with your amazing ideas!

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“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.”

~Sophia Loren



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