Skyridge Chinese New Year Fundraiser

Gray Havens Photography is pleased to offer 4 photography sessions for silent auction to help raise funds for students who are heading to China!  Each session will cost you nothing beyond what you pay in the silent auction, unless you decide to purchase more images than the packages come with (and tips are appreciated!).

When you’re ready to schedule the session, please call Jennifer Seely (801-922-0436) for your pre-photoshoot consultation so we can

  • discuss your photography needs,
  • schedule a time and choose a location for your session,
  • answer any questions you have about clothing, and
  • talk about how to prepare for the best session.

I will put all of the information we discuss in an email and send it with a contract for you to review, sign, and return.

After your photoshoot, your images will be selected based on my quality criteria (composition, focus, lighting) and I choose and edit the number of images that your package allows for within 2-3 weeks of your photoshoot. I strive for a variety of poses, expressions, and backgrounds, so that you’ll have variety in what you receive. These will be delivered to you via dropbox or by email about 2-3 weeks after our photoshoot.

If you’d like to see more photos from the session, we’ll need to schedule a Image Review Appointment 2-4 weeks after the session for you to review the edited photos. Unedited photos are not available and not viewed. If you’d like to purchase more photos beyond your package amounts, each image costs $35.00.

All sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of the auction, so this opportunity will expire on August 2, 2019.


Auction Item #1  and #2 – A High School Senior Photoshoot

If you win the bid for one of the Senior PhotoShoots (a $180 Value), your session will include

  • 1 hour of shooting time
  • 10 high resolution digital images with print release
  • Indoor or Outdoor location
  • Wardrobe changes within the hour



Auction Item #3 and #4 – A Family Portrait Session

If you win the bid for one of the Family Portrait Sessions (a $270 Value), your photoshoot will include

  • 90 minutes of shooting time
  • High resolution digital images with print release
  • Outdoor location only
  • Lifestyle or Formal portrait styles, your choice
  • The family posed in at least 3 different configurations
  • Individual portrait of each family member
  • Couple shots of parents
  • Children only shots





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