Couples Portraits

Many of the details below are negotiable. I’m willing to work with you, so that you have what you need in photography. Please contact me if you’d like something different than is stated here, so that we can customize a contract for you.

The term “shooting time” is used throughout these details. It refers to the time that we are together working toward excellent photography. But the price that you pay for “shooting time” also includes 3-6 hours that we are not together. During this time, I am reviewing, editing/correcting, and otherwise preparing your photography for you.

Engagements to Lasting Love – $180
For the newly engaged and those married many years.


Mom & Me – $120
For parents and children.

  • Up to one hour shooting time.
  • One child (multiple children can be photographed in the same session) posed with one parent (yes, it can be Dad!).
  • At least 10 digital images.
  • Standard contract details apply.


Prom & Dance Photos – $50 for each couple with 2-5 couples
For the night of the dance! (See “Glamour” for just her in her beautiful dress.)

  • Up to 90 minutes “shooting time” in an outdoor setting.
  • Session includes shots of each couple and the entire group.
  • Different settings within one location for each couple.
  • Each couple receives two digital images of the couple shots and a group shot.
  • Standard contract details apply.


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