“I cherish the photos”

Dear friends, do you have photos of your parents and grandparents? Photos that show them at their best right now? This is so important to me, that I am offering a "Senior Citizen Portrait Session" for 50% off with any other photography session purchase.

Get Your Free eBook!

Do you feel like branding is a giant puzzle and you don't even know what the finished picture will look like? Click on this post to get your FREE eBook "The Branding Puzzle: Assembling the Pieces to Create Your Amazing Brand"!

Branding Workshop

I'd love the opportunity to give this FREE workshopt to your organization. You'll learn the basics of branding plus how branding helps you stand out from your competition, sell without feeling sales-y, reach the people you're meant to serve, work with clients who appreciate you, and have money flow through your business.

A Branding Review

Need a fresh eye on your branding? FIRST - Click on this post to request it! SECOND - An invoice and questions are sent to you. THIRD - ZOOM CALL! I can help you re-think, re-imagine, and revitalize your branding!

Expedition Package

Expedition Branding Package $1,800 plus tax 4 Mini Branding Sessions throughout the year 2-hour Sessions in each Season of the year At least 30 images from each session Headshots, Working Shots, Stock Photography The Expedition Package is designed to provide you with a steady supply of images throughout the year. You can plan your sessions... Continue Reading →

Enterprise Package

Enterprise Branding Session $2,400 plus tax The Enterprise Branding Session is a whole new level of embracing you and your brand. It is designed to help you through the branding process itself. With Transformation Coaching, we start with who you are and what your goals are. With that knowledge, we consider your ideal clients so... Continue Reading →

Odyssey Package

Odyssey Branding Package Year Long Branding Session $9,000 plus tax Does your organization need a photographer to capture events and branding and headshots throughout the year?  The Year Long Branding Session does that for you. In our consultations, we work together to determine your needs and goals and how images can be a part of... Continue Reading →

Package Pricing

Custom packages can be created for your needs. The following packages give an idea of general pricing. Headshots Hour Session . . . $240 plus tax 15 digital images Basic Hair and Make-up . . . $75 See complete information. “working shot for branding”  What’s the difference between headshots and branding?  Check out this blog... Continue Reading →

Adventure Package

Adventure Branding Session $540 plus tax The Mini Branding Session is the perfect session for those wishing create a small batch of photos for social media use, updating a website, and/or creating printed flyers or emails. Your images will be delivered by DropBox or Google Drive about two weeks after your session. 1.5 Hour Shooting... Continue Reading →

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