Course 3: Embrace Your Brand Promise

Embrace Your Brand Promise is all about where you're going in your business and how you'll get there. We start with a stronger, deeper look at your Values (different from the Core Values exercise that we did in Course 1: Branding Foundations), then you'll work on a Vision Statement and a Mission Statement. A Vision... Continue Reading →

Small Business Branding Courses

Branding is the process of defining who you are, what you do, and why & how you do it. Going through the process of branding, no matter how small your business is, will help you to consistently and reliably build your business.

Setting Up Your Business

While I can help you in thinking about how you present your business and help you build a set of images for doing that, there is a lot more than presentation to running your successful business. Having experts help you with some of your business tasks means your focus can be on the part that you love and do well. I would appreciate the opportunity to personally introduce you to these amazing people...

Start Your Brand Here

Do you feel like branding is a giant puzzle and you don't even know what the finished picture will look like? Click on this post to get your FREE eBook "The Branding Puzzle: Assemble the Pieces for Your Amazing Brand"!

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