The Right Photographer

"I'm not very photogenic."  "I never look good in pictures." "Maybe when I lose 10 lbs." I have heard so many, many reasons for not having pictures done. And you know my number one response? "You just haven't had the right photographer." 


Do you have a great portrait to share with friends and family? Do you need a business headshot for your LinkedIn Profile?

Myers Family Fun

We started with the family shots, and then took some cute ones of Mom and Dad. But I have to admit, it is always the portraits of the beautiful women that are the most fun for me.  Oh...and playing with fun hats!


At Gray Havens Photography, our goal is to create innovative images that capture personality and beauty. We specialize in Women, Seniors, Families, and the creation of a complete collage for a wall in your home. Read on to learn more about us!

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