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Jennifer B. Seely
In Lehi, Utah

Photography is a life path I never anticipated. I’m Jennifer B. Seely.  I’m a trained educator with more than 20 years of teaching experience. When I took up photography, I simply wanted better pictures of my kids, but in photography I found a passion for creating art, design, and beauty that I didn’t realize was in me.

I began learning all that I could and quickly realized that I needed more than I could get on my own. Taking classes with long-time professionals has taught me so much. I love learning, and I have found the process of photography to be among the most challenging learning that I’ve done, but it has been pure pleasure to do. 

For families, my goal is to create a collection of photographs that all go together, but each having its own personality. When I work with families, I want you to have fun with the process AND get collage of photos that you can hang together, individuals and pairs and kids and parents. My family session includes multiple poses of your family and groups inside the family such as all girls, all boys, kids without parents, etc.



For individuals, I work hard to give you a variety of expressions, body positions, and backdrops that will create pictures of the best you! Wardrobe changes are usually a part of what I do, so you have lots of choices. My goal is to showcase the beauty you have on the outside, with the magnificence of your inside shining through!


For couples, my hope is to capture your love laughing, your love as you look to the future, your love in the quiet moments and in the playful moments. You might be the nearly engaged or married for 50 years, but your love has a story we can tell in photography.


My images strive toward clarity and honesty with minimal post-processing. I’d love to capture images for whatever goals you have! Please contact me and let’s talk about how you would like to be photographed.

Jennifer B. Seely
In Lehi, Utah



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