Course 3: Embrace Your Brand Promise

Embrace Your Brand Promise is all about where you’re going in your business and how you’ll get there. We start with a stronger, deeper look at your Values (different from the Core Values exercise that we did in Course 1: Branding Foundations), then you’ll work on a Vision Statement and a Mission Statement. A Vision Statement is an essential part of the Branding process, because you want to branding yourself for where you want to be, not where you are now. Your Vision statement helps you see where you’re going and why. The Mission Statement helps you understand how you’ll get there. Then using your Values, Vision, and Mission, you’ll begin developing procedures in your business to help you build your business toward your goals.

The Course is divided into Four units:

  1. Define Your Values
  2. Dream Your Vision
  3. Develop Your Mission
  4. Challenge Unit: Put it into Action!

When you’ve signed up and paid for the course, the workbook for the course will be emailed to you and as part of that, you’ll receive a password to view the following videos for the course.

  • Video 1: Turning Your Values into Actionable Procedures
  • Video 2: Your Brand Promise as your Business Constitution

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