15 Headshots

A Gray Havens Photography Headshot session lasts an hour and I’ll create 15 unique looks during the session using different backdrops, different outfits, different facial expressions. You’ll then receive those images in a variety of crops so you can use them in ALL kinds of ways: social media posts, website banner shot, business cards, your profile, flyers. In today’s digital, virtual, fast-paced world, having a solid collection of headshot images is part of sharing you with your audience! So what does a complete collection look like? Check it out!

These two sets are all the “vertical” images from their collection. Each image is also given in “square”, “horizontal”, and, when it works, “banner” so that words can be placed on the side of the image.

Chris Jackson

Penn Mutual Life Insurance

Tracie Edwards

Business Analyst, Traceability Podcast

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