Lifestyle Photography for Branding

A lifestyle photoshoot happens in your home. The goal of the shoot is to capture you or your family or your pets in their natural environment: their home. Lifestyle images don’t show you smiling at the camera, but rather doing what you naturally do! It’s not only a fantastic way to capture genuine emotion and document you at this time in your life, but also show the foundation of your brand…you at your very best, doing what you love most.

For a coach who works with Moms, a lifestyle session with her children represents what she does and what she is like to work with.

A lifestyle session also helps a health coach to share what she does with her potential clients.

Your lifestyle session can be the Adventure Branding Package for $720 which will produce at least 60 images (enough images for a social media campaign for a quarter).

Or your lifestyle session can be one or two of four sessions in the Expedition Branding Package. The package costs $2,400 and gives you four sessions throughout the year to produce a revolving set of images to keep your social media up to date and producing customers for you.

See other package options for more information.

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