The Right Photographer

“I’m not very photogenic.”  “I never look good in pictures.” “Maybe when I lose 10 lbs.”

I have heard so many, many reasons for not having pictures done. And you know my number one response to the above reasons? “You just haven’t had the right photographer.”  My number two response?

“Beauty isn’t in your skin; it isn’t in your hair or make-up.
Beauty comes from inside you and
when you think you are beautiful, you are.”

Christine & Lilly 291
Christine Wright, Dog Trainer

I have some thoughts about the second answer, but in this blog post, I want to talk about the first answer.

Nowadays, we all carry pretty good cameras around in our pockets and purses.  We pull them out when we need a selfie to share a thought on social media, when we need a quick group shot, and when our kids or grandkids are being adorable. And we get reasonable pictures, sometimes even good pictures. We share them to social media and everyone tells us how great the pictures are. But are they? Do they really show you at your best? And the toughest question of all…are they the only pictures of you?

Selfies and pics of adorable children are wonderful; don’t get me wrong–they have their place. But are those photos keepers forever? Do they represent the best you to show to the world? Do they spread your message? Do they have lasting power as a representation of you at this time in your life? Would you want them to?

The right photographer can give you images
that do all those things for you.

Too many of us don’t have lasting beautiful portraits of ourselves for THIS time in our lives. Too many, when asked for a picture, have to use a poorly shot image and cut out our spouse to have a picture of ourselves (true story!). That’s a little sad for right now, but it will be tragic at the end of our lives that our children don’t have images of the Mom they grew up with. The number one reason I hear for this is “I’m not photogenic.”

Lawanna 49
Lawanna Spencer, Paparazzi Rep.

“Photogenic” isn’t actually a thing.  Did you know that? Photogenic is a word we apply to someone who always seems to look good in pictures and we apply that to celebrities and models who never share a picture they don’t look good in. But the truth is they have the right photographer and a make-up artist and a hair stylist and a wardrobe consultant working for them long before the photographer arrives. And when the photographer arrives, great lighting is used, and careful posing is crafted, and thought exercises are done to put the right look on the face.  And voila…we see “photogenic”.

But you know what?  You can have that too. With Gray Havens Photography as your guide in the process, you are absolutely every bit as photogenic as any model.

Because you are beautiful as you.

You are the hero of your own story. A make-up artist, a hair stylist, a wardrobe consultant, a photographer….we’re just points on your journey to help you in your process. Kristee–your hair, make-up, and wardrobe consultant with 20+ years of experience–will enhance you without changing you.  Jennifer, your photographer trained in Women’s Photography and Branding, will help you step into your own beauty with lighting, posing, and camera work. Together, we’ll create images that let your inner light shine!

Please, schedule a consultation and let’s talk about what the right photographer can do for you!

Jennifer Seely

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