Let’s Work Together

Working with Gray Havens Photography is your opportunity to craft your brand message in a way that enhances and communicates your message about your business with others. Beyond your brand message, you’ll need images that share who you are, what you do, and what you’re like to work with so that you can attract and work with your preferred clients.

Branding is something you want to think about 6 months to a year BEFORE you’re ready for your business to really take off. Branding grounds your efforts to build a business based on your Core Values, even as the business grows. It is an investment worth your time, effort, and money. Oh…and we’ll have a whole lot of fun in the process!

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Here’s what we can do together:

Craft Your Brand Message

Branding is the solution to

  • standing out from your competition,
  • selling without feeling “sale-sy”,
  • becoming memorable enough that others refer customers to you,
  • reaching the people you’re meant to serve,
  • working with clients who appreciate you, and
  • having money flow through your business!

And the above are the areas where I’ve created branding courses to help you! Starting in January 2021, you’ll be able to choose the area where you have the most questions and take a course that will help you to develop, enhance, and build your brand.

I also provide branding guidance with each branding photography session. Before your session, you’ll receive a Branding Review. In the Review, I’ll evaluate your current brand efforts, and then we’ll have a one hour meeting to review how you might improve the look, feel, and consistency of your brand.

Branding Strategy Sessions – With the Enterprise Branding Photography package, we’ll have multiple strategy sessions to help you nail down your ideal client, brand promise, brand colors, etc. We’ll use that knowledge to craft images that share your brand beautifully with everyone!

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Let’s set up a discovery call!


Create Images to Share Who You Are

From amazing headshots to personalized stock images, you need a lot of photography to share your business in many, many different ways. You’ll want at least 45 new images per quarter (seasonally if possible) for a strong social media campaign, updating a website, and creating other advertising. But every brand and business will have different needs, so we have a variety of packages and all of them can be customized.

  • Headshots: one hour session, 15 images with multiple crops, $240 plus tax. (Need more? Double the Package: $420 plus tax.)
  • Adventure Branding Package: Branding Review Strategy session, 2-hour photography session, at least 60 images, $540 plus tax. (Need more? Double the Package $900 plus tax.)
  • Expedition Branding Package: Branding Review Strategy session, four 2-hour photography sessions throughout the year, at least 45 images from each session, $1,800 plus tax. (Need more? Double the Package (eight sessions yearly or four 3-4 hour sessions) $3,000 plus tax.)
  • Enterprise Branding Package: Multiple Branding Strategy sessions OR the Branding Bundle courses plus one strategy session, wardrobe specialist to craft the look, hair and make-up artist for the day of the shoot, one all day photography session or two shorter sessions, at least 120 images, $2,400 plus tax. (Double the Package (two sessions in a year): $3,600 plus tax.)
  • Odyssey Branding Package: Branding Review Strategy session, twelve 2-4 hour photography sessions (headshots, event photography, branding photography, you-in-action shots, stock photography) throughout the year, number of images dependent on the goal of the photography, $6,000 plus tax. (Double the Package (longer sessions or sessions twice a month): $9,000 plus tax.)

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Let’s set up a discovery call!


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