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Have you started a business, but it isn’t going quite like “they” said it would? But you aren’t quite sure what’s wrong or what the next step is? Do you feel like business building is a giant puzzle and you don’t even know what the finished picture will look like?

To help you in your process, I would love to send you my eBook!

Branding Puzzles

Assemble the Pieces For Your Amazing Brand

Sarah 2850
Sarah Hicken, Make-up artist

It’s all about why the branding process can help you jump start your business and it covers how to start the branding process. In this eBook, you’ll learn the first steps you can take, no matter what your business is, to build an effective, long-lasting brand.

Your brand can guide you in

  • Social Media posting…always know what to share about your business
  • Contribution on a grander scale…crafting a brand promise that gives back
  • Selling your products or services through presenting solutions…rather than your products or services

But first, like building a puzzle, you need to put together the “edge pieces” to build a framework that will help you in creating the beautiful picture that is your brand.

I would love to send you my eBook–Branding Puzzles: Assemble the Pieces For Your Amazing Brand–for free! Fill out the short form below and I’ll send it to you!


Meikina 49
Meikina Stuy, Student

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