“I cherish the photos”

Check out the Senior Citizen Gallery.

Dear friends, do you have photos of your parents and grandparents? Photos that show them at their best right now? In the last two years, I have done two photo sessions that mean more than most other photo sessions, because these beautiful, wonderful women are no longer with us. One photo session was done in October and her funeral was in late November. The other was done in November, and her funeral was in March. And do you know what her daughter said about her and the photos?

“She’s so much better now. I’d be selfish to want her to stay with us longer and struggle.
I cherish the photos–we all have said
“Thank God we had them done.”

Sue 130b
Sue, 1940 – 2020

I see so many obituaries that use a picture clearly clipped from another picture, because that is the only picture “mom” would allow…and thus, that’s all you have. And I’m glad you have that, but I want you to have something that you can cherish even after we have to let our amazing older family members go to the other side.

Andrus 2646c2
Kris, 1944 – 2018

Please check with your parents or grandparents and let’s create amazing photographs so that YOU have them to share with others when the time comes.

This is so important to me, that

I offer a “Senior Citizen Portrait Session” for
50% off my regular headshot session

with any other photography session purchase. This makes the session just $120. I will gladly “upsell” you and add this to your session, because I know just how valuable this photography can be.

If a couple would like to have a session together,
the session price is $240 and
we’ll do multiple portraits of each of them
plus couple pictures!

In the Spring of 2020, I was told that a former LDS Bishop of mine was failing. That’s such a hard time for his family and not the time to think about whether or not there are good photos. I was so glad to ease their minds when I told them that we’d done his portraits the year before. They have a picture of their Father and Grandfather while he was well and the picture is one that shows him as his grandchildren will remember him.

Newt Andrus 2632 square
Newt, 1942 – 2020

Don’t let these beautiful people leave us without having beautiful photography of them. This session can be purchased with your package and a gift certificate can be sent to the recipient(s) to be used when it is works for them.


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