Personal Branding 101

Do you need help to define your brand? Do you want guidance in focusing and mastering your brand so that you are more effective “selling” your brand?

Personal Branding Course
$480 (plus tax)

The Personal Branding Course is a 4 Week course in Branding. In this course, you’ll learn

  • To align your life’s mission with your business mission
  • How to change your body language and appearance to bring you more success
  • What your brand should be to attract those you’re meant to serve
  • How to present yourself and your brand on social media

The course will be 4 group Zoom calls on Thursday, July 9, 16, 23, & 30 with the time TBD by the group.  You’ll also have 2 individual meetings with me to fully define your personal connection to your brand and we’ll determine those times throughout the course.

My goal is that you come out of the course with words to describe your brand promise to others, with a solid brand direction, and with a formula for social media content that can be used over and over.

Please fill out the registration form below if you’re interested, and I’ll be in touch!

 Do you want to get started now? The first “assignment” is the Branding Review. It forms the baseline of where you are now and helps me know how to tailor the course to your needs. Go to Branding Review and fill out that form and I’ll get you started!

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