A Branding Review

A Branding Review
$99, plus tax

The goal of the Branding Review is to understand how aligned your branding is with the goals and message of your business. In your Branding Review, I’d like to answer three questions for you:

  • Does my brand message come through clearly? How?
  • Are the images I’m presenting conveying my brand message?
  • What elements could I adjust to increase attracting my ideal client?

Submit your name and email address below and I will send you the link to a Form along with an invoice for the Branding Review.

Google form has the following questions.

  1. What message do you want your branding to convey?
  2. Describe your business.
  3. Describe your ideal client.

Take your time and think through your answers for what you’d like your brand to be. I  compare your answers with your website and your social media presence and develop several solutions to build your brand in new ways.

When your invoice is paid and the questions answered, I’ll set up a time when we can have a Zoom call and go over what I’ve found and talk about how to implement and improve your communication of your brand.


My Answers to the Questions

I ask you the following questions to start your Branding Review. Here’s I how would answer them if they were asked of me!

  1. What message do you want your branding to convey?
    I want my brand to convey Connection, Excellence, & Creativity. I want my clients to feel like they have images that convey the best of who they really are and as they discover who they are, my brand helps them share that with everyone else.
  2. Describe your business. 
    I take pictures designed to communicate who my clients are. The benefits of beautiful images include seeing yourself as your best self and realizing you can begin to live there, having images that attract others to you, and having images to share with your content. My business gives those benefits to my clients because I take the time, with strategy sessions and transformation coaching, to know who my clients are, what their goals are, and what will attract their ideal clients to them.
  3. Describe your ideal client. My ideal clients are business owners or entrepreneurs or speakers/authors. They give back to their community through charitable acts of service. They are deep thinkers and ask valuable questions. They have lived enough life to relax into the process and knows how to laugh at the little things. They don’t like their time being wasted, but they are willing to take the time to explore new opportunities. They see the value in paying for quality services and refers others to services that they loved.

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