Odyssey Package

Odyssey Branding Package

Year Long Branding Session
$9,000 plus tax

Does your organization need a photographer to capture events and branding and headshots throughout the year?  The Year Long Branding Session does that for you. In our consultations, we work together to determine your needs and goals and how images can be a part of your success. Your contract will be customized to your needs, but as a guideline, the Year Long Branding Session includes

  • Transformation Coaching in group seminars
  • Strategy sessions to discuss and design the shots that are needed for your brand
  • Multiple events throughout the year
  • Specific headshot session(s) for your team
  • Branding sessions to capture working shots with your team or clients
  • Stock photos created during your events/sessions
  • Wardrobe styling, customized to your needs
  • Hair and Make-up artist(s) for the headshot and/or branding sessions

Headshots can be done in a studio setting or in your well-lit office.  Branding sessions are done in your office or other location that is part of communicating your message. Stock Photos are created at every session and will be generic enough for multiple kinds of uses: social media, emails, website, flyers, brochures, etc.

Over the year, you’ll receive around 100 images from each session or event, so that you can build a website or a social media campaign or brochures with your images. We’ll customize a contract to your individual needs.

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