Expedition Package

Expedition Branding Package

$2,400 plus tax

Your Package includes

  • Pre-Photography Strategy session to refine your branding and develop a shot list for your needs for EACH of your photography sessions
  • Four 2-hour Photography Sessions throughout the year
    • At least 2 wardrobe changes during the session
    • A single location with multiple backdrops to create a wide variety of images
  • At least 60 images from each session
    • Headshots, Waist-up shots, Full body shots
    • Working Shots
    • Stock Photography

The Expedition Package is designed to provide you with a steady supply of images throughout the year. You can plan your sessions in the different seasons, so that you always have relevant photography for any use you have. We’ll do images of you in clothing for the season (sweaters & boots in the Fall, sandals & capris in the Spring, etc.) so your images will fit the season of the year!

We’ll do headshots and full body shots of your so that YOU come through in your brand. Working shots that show what projects you have underway let potential clients know what it is like to work with you.  And lots of “stock” photography to fill out your social media campaign.

Oldroyds 396
Becki Oldroyd, Data Systems Analyst: “Headshot”

How about Your Team?

The Expedition package is perfect for small teams (4 or less). Each session can focus on a specific team member and produce photography for that team member to be used in your marketing and advertising.

OR you might use each session for different purposes, such as the first for headshots, the second for “stock” photography, the third for working photography, and the fourth for team photography.

Double the Package
$4,200 plus tax

Need more? You can DOUBLE this package and have eight 2-hour sessions over the year that each provide you with at least 60 images from each session.

OR you can choose to do four 3-4 hour sessions if you want to do more wardrobe changes or location changes during your session on a single day. The longer session will double the number of images from the session, so you’ll receive at least 120 images!

Dec 12 496
Meghan McFall & Talia Hansen, Blue Ocean Legacy Wealth Management: “Team Photography”

To set up a consultation to discuss your needs, please fill out the following form:

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