Expedition Package

Expedition Branding Package

$1,800 plus tax

  • 4 Mini Branding Sessions throughout the year
  • 2-hour Sessions in each Season of the year
  • At least 30 images from each session
  • Headshots, Working Shots, Stock Photography

The Expedition Package is designed to provide you with a steady supply of images throughout the year. You can plan your sessions in the different seasons, so that you always have relevant photography for any use you have. We’ll do images of you in clothing for the season (sweaters & boots in the Fall, sandals & capris in the Spring, etc.) and you’ll fit right in with the season you’re sharing the photos in.

Headshots and full body shots of your or your team so that YOU come through in your brand. Working shots showing what projects you have underway and how they’re coming along let potential clients know what it is like to work with you.  And lots of “stock” photography to fill out your social media campaign.

Double the Package
$3,000 plus tax

Need more? You can DOUBLE this package and have 8 sessions over the year that each provide you with at least 30 images. Doubling the package will provide you with at least 240 images throughout the year.

Erickson apple tree twins 333

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