Enterprise Package

Enterprise Branding Session

$2,400 plus tax

Elise 933
“personal life shot”

The Enterprise Branding Session is a whole new level of embracing you and your brand. It is designed to help you through the branding process itself. In the Branding Bundle, we start with who you are and what your goals are. With that knowledge, we consider your ideal clients so that we can learn what will attract them and then craft images to fit your goals. Your photography session will include images that show who you are in all aspects of your life and with the people in your life.

The strategy sessions will begin to guide you in how you might use your images whether in social media or on a website. When your session is complete, your images will come with suggestions on their use in social media or on your website.


  • Branding Bundle (3 Branding Courses) to guide you in the branding process
  • At least 2 strategy sessions to refine your brand and create a shot list specific to your brand message
  • A wardrobe consultation with our wardrobe stylist to build your new look
  • A shopping experience with our wardrobe stylist for you to purchase some new looks

Shooting Session(s)

  • Hair & Make-up stylist on the day of the shoot to craft your best look
  • Full Day (or two shorter) Shooting Session(s) at multiple locations
  • Wardrobe changes throughout the session
  • At least 200 images
  • Headshots
  • Personal Life shots (because YOU are your brand)
  • Working Images (to show you in action and to help people see what it is like to work with you)
  • Stock photos with brand specific props (because you need lots of different kinds of shots for any advertising campaign)

Post Session

You’ll receive your images via Dropbox about two to three weeks after your session, along with some “usage tips” to help you in communicating your brand.

Ala Carte Pricing

The Enterprise branding session is designed for female entrepreneurs in need of a wide variety of images to share who they are, what they do, and what they’re like to work with, but the full package might not work for everyone. The basics of the Enterprise package are the strategy sessions and the all day shoot. If you would like to just do those, the session will still produce at least 200 branding images that you can use in many different ways. With all other elements stripped away, the Enterprise Branding Package is $1,500 plus tax.

  • If you would like the branding education that helps you choose your brand with confidence, the Branding Bundle costs $300 plus tax.
  • If you’d like to add the wardrobe stylist (and Kristee is amazing for men and women!), add an additional $360 plus tax to your session fee.
  • If you’d like to have hair and make-up on the day of your shoot, add an additional $240 plus tax.
Lawanna Spencer, Paparazzi Representative

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