Adventure Package

Adventure Branding Session

The Adventure Branding Session is the perfect session for those wishing create a small batch of photos for social media use, updating a website, and/or creating printed flyers or emails. With just one session to create differing numbers of images, you can choose how much time you want to spend. We’ll do a pre-photography strategy session to talk about your brand and goals and create a shot list that will guide us during the shoot to ensure that you are getting what you need in this process. As a general rule, the 2-Hour session is recommended as the best option. It takes time to capture and perfect images to share who you are, what you do, and what you’re like to work with.

Photography Session (2 hours) . . . $720 plus tax

Double The Session . . . $1,200 plus tax


Your Package includes

  • Pre-Photography Strategy session to refine your branding and develop a shot list for your needs
  • Shooting Session at a single location with multiple backgrounds
  • Wardrobe changes
  • At least 60 images (25 images for the half session; 120 images for the Double Session)
    • Headshots
    • Images designed specifically for words
    • Working Images (to show you in action and to help people see what it is like to work with you)
    • Some stock photos with brand specific props (because you need lots of different kinds of shots for any advertising campaign)
  • Your images will be delivered by DropBox or Google Drive about two weeks after your session.

Double Your Session!

This session can be doubled. We’ll spend 3-4 hours in the session and you’ll receive at least 120 images. This number of images would create at least 6 months of images for a social media campaign and complete website update. You’ll be able to change your wardrobe more times (including changing clothing for different seasonal looks if desired) and we can even do two locations. All this will be planned during your Branding Strategy Zoom.

7 vertical
Jerilyn Washburn, K Real Estate: “Headshot”

Need More Images More Often?

For clients who need a continuous set of images for presenting their business on social media, or clients who need seasonal photography, I recommend Expedition Branding Package. In this package, we’ll schedule 4 sessions throughout the year. We’ll do the strategy session as described above and then build the sessions from there.


If you are just building a business, I highly recommend the Brand Building Bundle. This is a series of 5 courses that take you through much of the planning stages of building an effective brand while building your business.

Last, we can add a hair and make-up artist, for the day of your shoot to help you look and feel your best. The basic services cost $75 plus tax. Additional services can be arranged with her before your session.

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