Transformation Coaching

Can the process of photography also include transformation? I know you’re probably thinking about a makeover that turns your “look” into something you don’t recognize as you. But that’s not what we do. With Transformation Coaching, our goal is to help you realize who you are exactly, help you step into that more fully, and build your business plans and goals around it. Oh…and we’ll do some photography to capture the real you.

Transformation Coaching is 5 strategy sessions.

Session 1: Discovering and Defining. Together, we’ll define who you are or who you want to be and make a plan for helping you grow into that all the way. A lot of people know who they are and are scared by it. But new confidence can change what you know about yourself and empower you in wonderful ways. We’ll talk back to your inner self and help it begin to talk to you in new and improved ways.

Session 2: Strengthening Your Muscles for Power.  This is literal. We’re going to have you change how you hold your body with some specific “exercises”, so that your muscles are strengthened and re-molded to support the new you. This starts with some power activities to determine the mental and emotional impact of your current body posture. Exercising these muscles will help during your shoot as well, because I’ll ask you to hold your muscles for the positions you’ve been practicing.

Session 3: Recognizing and Planning for Attraction. In this session, we’ll talk about who you’re trying to attract in your business. We need to have an understanding of this to plan your photography session, but you also need it to plan a social media campaign and other advertising to bring your ideal client to you and repel clients you don’t want to have.

Session 4: Working with Powerful Support. In this session we’ll talk about how you’re supported in your goals and plans. We’ll build some habits that will enhance that support and talk about other means of support that you might consider.

Session 5: Designing Your Photography Session. The final coaching session we’ll wrap up all that we’ve learned together and create the plan for your photography session. We’ll define a short list of emotions that we want to capture on camera, so that we have a specific goals along with a shot list, clothing choices, and location discussion.

All sessions will begin and end with prayer. I believe that we need God to help us in all aspects of our lives and that especially includes expanding our vision to see more than we currently do.

Each session asks you to perform a task prepare for the session and assigns a task that will be done as a result of the session. These are designed to help you practice and solidify who you are.

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