Headshots vs. Branding

What’s the difference between headshots and branding?

Sadie 149c2Headshots are reasonably self-explanatory: they have a focus on your head, generally with you smiling at the camera. The goal is simply to create the best look for you. The look on your face, the position of your body, the crop of the image, and the coloring will all convey the very best of you.

Headshot images are used in websites to introduce you to your customers, as social media profiles, and any other advertising that you might choose. I generally create one image that is probably just for your significant other, because I think everyone should have an amazing photo of themselves to share with those they love.

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Branding is all about the message. Branding sessions ALWAYS include headshot images, because you are an important part of your brand, but we also do a significant number of shots with you in action: at a computer, in a kitchen, talking to a client, doing a presentation. These images are all crafted to spread your message, your brand.

Branding is the way you tell people what you do and how you do it and why you do what you do. Branding includes your logo, the colors of your website, the words that you choose to share, and the images that convey all of the above. When you brand yourself, it is to tell people about what you can do for them.

Your branding images are designed to be used in a number of ways:

  • to show you in action
  • to give a different take on headshots that show you uniquely
  • to show how you do what you do
  • as memes when you add text in a blank area of the shot
  • or as directional signs to indicate something in your flyer or website.

Branding images can be used for social media campaigns, on printed flyers, or on your website.  They come to you largely uncropped, so that you can choose the which part of the image you’d like to use in your goals.

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