Do I need more than one?

A few weeks ago, I talked to someone who had told me that she needed headshots. But when she looked at my website, she decided that I was too expensive for “a headshot”.  My headshot session starts at $240 for 15 finished images (plus crops of those images for ease of use).  I don’t have a package that gives you just one headshot. And there’s a reason for that.

Dori 613

During our session, I work hard to create amazing headshots by frequently showing you the back of the camera and discussing what we might want to do to perfect a shot. When you receive them, one is going to be more of what you want than the rest, and having the option to choose the very best one is what you definitely what you want. You’ll use that one you might use on your business card and/or social media profile, so what do you need the rest for?

  • Social Media memes to share your business without reusing your profile shot
  • Flyers that explain your product or service
  • Your website banner shot (something that we create as part of your headshot session)
  • Pictures that go with your “About” page
  • A pop-up banner that might make your vendor booth come to life
  • An author page for your book

URC 37

Headshots have multiple purposes and you really do need more than one. We’ll work to create excellent shots of you with your goal in mind (dynamic or inviting or approachable, etc.), so that you have the variety you need for all the purposes you might have. My goal is to show you at your very best, with your ideal client in mind, so that you have photography that conveys and evokes emotion. Check out how those 15 images look!

Given the above information, you might begin thinking about other kinds of photography you need for your goals. You working with clients, for example, or doing what you do in a kitchen or at a computer and so on.  Those kinds of shots are branding shots. You can learn about the difference between branding and headshots on this post.

Wes Groomal 14_1

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