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We are so excited to serve you! You can start by making an appointment to chat with us about your needs. Your consultation call will last a half an hour.  We’ll need to gather some information from you and then listen a lot while you describe your project. Our goal is to help you in your goals, so we hope you come with questions for us too!  Here are some of the questions we’ll ask you and why we ask.

What is your purpose for the images you’ll receive?

ex Lexi 123
Lexi, Senior 2019

For portraits, we need to understand if you’re going to be hanging your images on a wall or creating a photo book with them or just using them on social media. If they’re going on a wall, we need to know if they are filling an existing frame and if that frame is horizontal or vertical. We can then tailor the shoot to that particular orientation. If they’re going in a photo book, you need a variety of orientations and shapes.. We’ll also want more than just “smiling at the camera shots” and that changes how we choose to shoot.

MBM 56
Mallory Broadbent, Coach

For headshots, if your goal is a business card, you need close-ups. If your goal is social media, you need waist-ups. If your goal is flyers, you need multiple orientations and body positions. And we need to know that so that we can produce what you need.

For branding, we need all of the above, plus we need to understand your message, your brand, and your goals for your message and brand, so that we have a solid list of what needs to be captured during your shoot.

Do you need to understand the difference between headshots and branding? Click here.

For Branding: Describe your ideal client.

Your ideal client is who your products and/or services are for. You need to understand your ideal client to craft your message appropriately. We need to understand your ideal client as well so that your images speak to your ideal client and repel clients you don’t want to work with. You want to know your ideal client so well that you can describe her challenges, his goals, her likes, his dislikes, and what he or she worries about at night. Only then can we really create the perfect images for you and your brand.

For Branding: What do you want people to know about your business?

Erickson 57 cooking
Andra Erickson, Coach for Moms with Multiples

We need to be able to share your business in happy ways. You’ll want those images for your website and social media.  When people come to look at your business, you want images that show wonderful interactions, fun, laughter, and/or productivity. So, you need to know what it is that your business does for your clients and why you do it better than anyone else.


For Branding: What do you want people to know about you?

Elise 1062
Elise Smith, Divinely Driven Results

“They say” that customers don’t buy a product or service, they buy you.  What you show to the world about yourself is part of your brand. So part your consideration of branding images should include some personal ones too. You’ll want these images to share on social media (and hang on your walls!), because they help people know who you are beyond a nice selfie.


Give it some thought and then let’s chat!
Click here to Schedule Your Consultation.

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