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Jennifer Seely

At Gray Havens Photography, we specialize in crafting images that capture personality and beauty, especially in women. From business headshots to the perfect photo for his desk, we love capturing images of all ages of women to showcase their innate beauty. For Family Photography we love taking pictures of the wonderful traditional poses, but then we aim for some innovative ones as well. We want to see the family having fun and interacting with each other. With these family images, we would love to design a complete collage–with “behind the scenes” moments, family pets, landscape, and/or macro images often taken during the session–for a specific wall in the family home. Your photo session can turn into an opportunity to create a gallery in your home!

See Session Pricing for all the information about packages and pricing.


Photographer: Jennifer Seely

m1404 jen

Photography is a life path I never anticipated. I’m Jennifer B. Seely.  I’m a trained educator with more than 20 years of teaching experience. When I took up photography, I simply wanted better pictures of my kids, but in photography I found a passion for creating art, design, and beauty that I didn’t realize was in me. I love working to capture the beauty in personalities and create innovative photography for your home! My images strive toward clarity and honesty with minimal post-processing. I’d love to capture images for whatever goals you have! Please contact me and let’s talk about how you would like to be photographed.

Assistant Photographer: Miriam Seely

My assistant Miriam

Miriam is a senior in high school. She joined me as my assistant simply to hold things and make sure I drink enough water. But putting a camera around her neck changed my business. She is an amazing photographer in her own right. She does a lot of behind the scenes work for your family and often creates the landscape and macro work for Collages. Follow her on Instagram as “mumblebeast”!


Hair Stylist: Kristee Rackham

IMG_7477 (2)Kristee is a hair stylist with more than a decade of experience. She has owned her own salon, but prefers working with clients. Her customer service and care of her clients are unmatched, and her skill in creating amazing hair is legendary.


Make-up Artist: Sarah Hicken

Sarah 2850I’m beyond pleased that Sarah Hicken is one of our make-up artists. She is the artist that I will schedule for you when you want to have someone do your make-up for you. Her sense of what is right on a face creates beauty in each woman she touches. She is licensed in make-up and hair and is the best person we could have for everything from special occasion make-up to classy everyday make-up.

Make-up Artist: Natalie

Natalie is one of the best people in my life. She is a Mary Kay consultant and thus is the perfect make-up person for you, if you want to update your look. She teaches you how to do your make-up and you apply it yourself using Mary Kay products. This allows you the freedom to experiment under her expert eye and you’ll go home pampered, beautiful, and educated on your new look.


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