School Kids Portraits

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Let’s do something different and amazing for your children’s school portraits this year!  Schools bring in a photographer who runs a class of 30 students past a backdrop in about 20 minutes. That’s less than a minute per child and while those pictures are useful (and you SHOULD have them done so that you can have the class picture and be in the yearbook), they use all the same background, all the same pose, all the same smile. If that’s what you want for your wall, it’s great that schools offer that service.

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But if you want your child’s personality, your child’s laughter coming through, your child’s favorite space around them or their favorite prop in their hand…let’s get together and take some pictures!





For $45 plus tax

Your child’s session will be 15-30 minutes long and we’ll work to capture multiple expressions and poses of your child. You’ll receive

  • One 8×10 print and
  • 5 digital images other poses/backgrounds, expressions.

IMG_7257 (2)

More kids? If you schedule three children at the same time, the session will last one hour and the cost will be $120 for all three, and I will work to create a cohesive set of photos for the whole group so that when they are hung together, they’ll look like they go together without being the same pose.

For four children, all in the same session, the cost is $150 and the session will go just over an hour.

For five children, all in the same session, the cost is $180 and the session will last 75 minutes.

Please contact me if you’d like to discuss the cost and timing of doing more than five children in the same session.


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