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Let’s Work Together

I help you connect to your inner excellence and creatively express yourself to attract those you're meant to serve. Together, we can craft your brand message and then create images that share who you are, what you do, and what you're like to work with. Contact me and let's upgrade your brand identity! 801-362-1372

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The Right Photographer

"I'm not very photogenic."  "I never look good in pictures." "Maybe when I lose 10 lbs."

I have heard so many, many reasons for not having pictures done. And you know my number one response? "You just haven't had the right photographer." 

“I cherish the photos”

Dear friends, do you have amazing photos of your parents and grandparents? Photos that show them at their best right now? This is so important to me, that I am offering a "Senior Citizen Portrait Session" for 50% off with any other photography session purchase.

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