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We are so excited to serve you! Please call us to chat about your needs. Your consultation call will last a half an hour.  We'll need to gather some information from you and then listen a lot while you describe your project. Our goal is to help you in your goals, so we hope you come with questions for us too! 

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What do you need?  At Gray Havens Photography, we strive to understand your needs and design our sessions to help you achieve your goals. Some need 5-10 shots done in half an hour.  Others want the full treatment (hair stylist and make-up artist) and multiple locations to create a large portfolio to choose from.


What's your message? Branding is all about creating a message that comes through your logo, colors, website design, wording, and images. Your branding session is preceded by some strategic planning and thinking, so that we know what images need to be created to communicate your message.


Do you have great portraits of YOU in this time of your life?  There are milestones, such as "high school senior" and "missionary" that ought to be documented with amazing portraits, but Gray Havens Photography firmly believes that you should have great images of all stages of your life. We love doing beautiful images of the amazing Senior Citizens in our lives.

The Right Photographer

"I'm not very photogenic."  "I never look good in pictures." "Maybe when I lose 10 lbs." I have heard so many, many reasons for not having pictures done. And you know my number one response? "You just haven't had the right photographer." 

Myers Family Fun

We started with the family shots, and then took some cute ones of Mom and Dad. But I have to admit, it is always the portraits of the beautiful women that are the most fun for me.  Oh...and playing with fun hats!

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